Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here's specifically what I need and from whom they are needed. These are the people who have sent me or have posted only half of an assignment:

Joel: Dearest Transmundane image
Kyle Jean: Image to inspire your poem
Kyle: Image for OncoChrist?
James R: Image to inspire What We Are You, New generation, Old Generation poem
Permission to use this: "We were told to think of a Chimera (an entity mixed between multiple different species) that spawned from the picture we chose."

Magaret: Your three posters didn't open on my computer, so can I get them on a CD?
TCo: A CD (or 20) of all of the VBC pictures you've got
Dustin: Your baby rap and the picture
Zack: Your original Wagner drafts- back when he was male
Elliott: Your very first Guisewhite scene- back when he was male, too

If you're not on this list, STILL send me whatever you have. Here are the categories, if you have anything that could help out, ticket stubs, playbills from Chicago, or ANYthing you don't mind DONATING (as in not getting back), please please please send it to me or give me a card copy in class.

Chicago- Written critiques of any of the shows, notes from the museum, ticket stubs from shows... BE CREATIVE, people!
Chimeras- I need pictures, your "I wants", monologues
Characters- Your analysis of the characters you created
Monologues and scenes- All the work you did before we knew of what our show was going to consist
Poetry inspired by art- I'm pretty good on this- but if you haven't contributed anything and this is all you happen to be able to access, I'll take it
Scripts and Revisions- Written blogs or whatever about how you feel new drafts are coming along, hard copies of early scripts with your notes on them...
Posters- Not much room for creativity here, just the posters you ALL made when we were brainstorming our advertisement for the show
Logos- Any of the original logos you all toyed with...

Okay?? Is EVERYone clear?? Kate's not combing through blogs any more. Gimme yo' stuff!



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